Is This Real Life?

4 06 2011

Sarah Palin, a perfect example to represent our country on an international level.  What a fucking disgrace she is, although I do want to get this out of the way, she is looking gooood, very highly bang-able.  Lost some lbs on this tour shes on and wearing tight fitting tshirts with some nice perky sweater puppies.  But….

She has the intelligence level of a fucking 8 year old.  Paul Revere….AMERICAN HERO….tipped off the British? Never heard “1 if by land, 2 if by sea?”  I’m not even gonna get into what the 1 & 2 represent, because there is no doubt in my mind she doesn’t know.  No doubt.  Yes Sarah, you were at Mr. Revere’s house, an American hero, but he was the one who tipped off the British.

You can tell with people, mostly stupid people that is, when they start talking without knowing what they are going to say.  You can tell by her verbal diarrehtic stalling that she started talking without knowing what she was going to say, and well that usually never ends well.  That leads to rambling and stalling, while your brain tries to catch up to your mouth, not a good trait to have, especially for a politician.

She is painfully dumb and if she somehow gets the Republican nod to run for office, I may move to Costa Rica or somewhere far, far away.  Fuck she makes me angry.

PAUL FUCKING REVERE! As American as sticking your dick in apple pie.




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