Lebron James….Clothing Designer?

4 06 2011

Yes that’s right, Lebron James, who is in the middle of the NBA Finals with Game 3 tonight in Dallas has announced that he will be opening a high end clothing store in South Beach called Unknwn.  Cool story bro.

Sweet ascot bro.

I respect the hell out of Lebron’s game, this has be documented, but I don’t believe there has ever been anyone who loved smelling their own farts more than Lebron.  I know this didn’t just pop out of the blue and news of the plans escaped during the Finals, this has been something that has been in the planning stages for months I’m sure, but you might want to advise your team to wait until after the NBA Finals for news to leak out of your camp Lebron. Or is he smug enough to ride all the Finals attention into a marketing ploy for his store?

Whenever thinking about Lebron, naturally I always want to compare him to some of the greatest in the game, like MJ & Kobe, the comparisons are natural.  When thinking about MJ’s & Kobe’s time during the NBA Finals and the stories of their work ethics and intense focus during those times, something about this story doesn’t sit well with me.  Not that he is focused on the store, just the timing of it disgusts me.  Could you ever imagine MJ having news leaked about anything other than basketball during the season, let alone the Finals?

“LeBron James has announced that he will launch a new, modern luxury concept store in Miami for fall 2011. The store, which will open with a mix of apparel, footwear, printed materials and lifestyle accouterments, with featured brands to include A.P.C., Original Fake and Nike Tier 0 product, will be called Unknwn.”

Gross.  The guy definitely has a sense of fashion, a lot of the time he dresses like a real turd-sandwich, but this is coming from a guy that does all his shopping at T.J. Maxx.  Could you imagine this store succeeding anywhere but South Beach?  It’s now his safe haven, the only place in the country where Lebron is genuinely loved, most other parts of the country this store would be boycotted and eventually burned down.  Let’s go Dirk!

Link to the story here…..http://www.terezowens.com/lebron-james-opening-clothing-store-in-miami/



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