Dane Sardinha Pretty Much Summed Up The Weekend In Pittsburgh

6 06 2011

We felt the same way Dane.

Dane Sardinha welcome to life as an MLB player, you know you’ve made it when you’re getting photographed heads down on a bar on the road somewhere.  Dane probably thought, hey I’m in Pittsburgh, no one knows me here, I can take a lil’ rest on the old bar and no one will be the wiser.  Well Dane, I guess you forgot Phillies fans took over that city this past weekend, and well someone did recognize you.

You pretty summed up all Phillies fans feelings about the weekend series with Pittsburgh with this one simple photo.

Deadspin has the story….http://deadspin.com/5808884/phillies-backup-catcher-has-contemplative-moment-facedown-on-pittsburgh-bar



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