Donald Brashear Is Now A Certified Badass….Off The Ice

6 06 2011

Donald Brashear’s playing career wasn’t exactly known for his hockey skills as much as he was known for mashing people’s faces.  He was good at it for a long time and made a lot of money destroying people on the ice.  Now that he no longer trolls the ice for ass-whoopings, Brashear is looking to start his post hockey life.

He’s still going to be destroying people just this time in a cage as opposed to a rink.  First in line for “Shaq on skates,” was Mathieu Bergeron.  Must really suck to be this guy, he’s spent I’m sure several years training for fights like this and some hockey goon comes in and beats him within an inch of his life in 21 seconds flat.  Ouch.  Getting pawned at your own game Mathieu, not cool bro, not cool at all.





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