Plaxico Wants To Be An Eagle Soooo Bad

6 06 2011

Desean, JMac & Plax. Hell yes.

Look at Rosenhaus mean-mugging.

Plaxico Burress was released for prison today after serving twenty months for gun charges.  Much news has been circulating lately that Plaxico’s #1 choice for a landing spot has been your Philadelphia Eagles.  Plaxico and Michael Vick are friends, the Eagles have given convicts a second chance in the past with much success and it just seems like a likely landing spot.  I can’t say I’m opposed to it, Plax is a talent, as a football team the goal is too acquire as much talent as possible.  I mean shooting yourself in the leg isn’t nearly as egregious as say fighting dogs, and for the most part we were able to accept Vick in a short period of time, so why not Plax?

The Eagles always year after year seem to lack that red-zone presence where they can score at will.  They are great from scoring from outside the 20 with Maclin and Jackson, but seem to clam up in the red-zone.  Plaxico’s specialty is the red-zone, we know that from him catching TD’s over Sheldon Brown during his days with the Giants.  A low risk high reward signing you can most likely get for a veteran minimum with some sexy incentives.  Seems to make all the sense in the world.

My stomach turned this morning and got queasy when I saw Drew Rosenhaus running with open arms to Plaxico and landing a jumping hug when he reached the tall receiver like he was a war hero returning home from over-seas.  Just made me uneasy, I know players love Rosenhaus but as a fan he makes me feel weird. The Phillies hat, don’t think this was a mistake, this is a Rosenhaus calculated move you could see coming from miles away.  An Eagles hat would have been way to obvious for this brewing PR storm Rosenhaus has to tap, but the Phillies hat was sending enough of a message without blatantly saying it.  Another note in the Eagles favor is that Plaxico already lives in nearby New Jersey and wouldn’t have to uproot his entire family too play for the Eagles, a selling point not too be over-looked.

Keep 5 WR’s next year in Maclin, Jackson, Burress, Avant & Riley Cooper.  See ya Chad Hall you poor-ass Danny Woodhead.

Thanks to Crossing Broad for the screen shots….

Plaxico only really fielded one question today about the hat, someone asked if him if the hat had anything to do with his desire to play for the Eagles.  Plaxico told reporters that was for them to decide.




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