Monta Ellis For Andre Igoudala? Yes Please

7 06 2011

ESPN’s Ric Bucher is reporting that the Warriors and Sixers are in “very real” talks that would more or less be a straight up swapping of the teams two stars in Andre Igoudala and Monta Ellis.  This is an ideal move on several levels….

That is his real tattoo. Family First.

It works well for the Warriors who play in the big athletic Western Conference and a player with Igoudala’s defensive skill sets that could guard on the perimeter much better than Ellis can.  And with the players the Warriors have to match up against on a nightly basis, this defensive move makes a lot of sense for them.  They won’t lose that much scoring in the deal either, Ellis averages around 25 a game and with the run n’ gun style of offense that the Warriors play, Igoudala should have no problem averaging 20 a game.  With Stephen Curry emerging as a go to two guard for the Warriors, it would free up space on the floor for the young bucks to play.  The Warriors would be taking on an additional 2.5 million a year with the contract swaps as Monta Ellis is scheduled to make 11 million next season and Igoudala makes 13.5 million in 2011.

For the Sixers, get this deal done yesterday.  One and most importantly it frees up a lot of space on the floor with a team that has a log-jam at the two position.  Ellis would take over the two position as a player that can actually shoot the ball and score it well, leaving the point for Jrue and sliding Evan Turner into the three hole which would be a great fit for him.  Then you have the front court which still needs a lot of help but at least you can legitimately grow with the 1-3 positions.  Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams bring a great bench presence to the court.  We here in Philadelphia know of Igoudala’s short-comings as a two guard, but those around the league seem to value him more than we give him credit for and a straight up trade for Monta Ellis is more than fair value on the trade market.  According to Bucher….

“the deal is not imminent, but that it has merits for both sides”

One thing Ellis would have to work on is his defense.  Ellis is sometimes listed as one of the least productive defensive players in the league, and with Doug Collin’s defensive attitude, this is something Ellis will have to work at.  At 25, Ellis isn’t a complete book yet and could still take to the tutelage of Doug Collins and adapt his game to a more complete player.  His scoring is there, no doubt about that, but his leadership and killer instinct still need to be harnessed for Ellis to become a true leader.  He fits right in the mold of this team and the deal seems to a be a win-win for both teams involved, how often does that happen in trades? Not very often.  Pull the trigger Mr. Stefanski and give the Sixers fan some reason for optimism because we all know how the Igoudala ride ends….usually missing a game winner in crunch time.  Ellis seems to be a guy that wants the last shot of the game whereas Igoudala seems to shrink.  Mr. Thorn and Mr. Stefanski that ball is in your court, make it happen.

Ric Bucher story here…..

Looks like Igoudala might not be doing any more teammate segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Evan Turner anytime soon….




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