DeShawn Stevenson’s Amazing Shirt

13 06 2011

DeShawn Stevenson became a household name during this year’s NBA Finals as the defensive stopper that got in Lebron’s head.  DeShawn didn’t stuff the stat sheet, but his presence was certainly felt on the court, especially by Lebron.  He was the right amount of a pain in the ass and clearly frustrated by DeShawn guarding him.

DeShawn when asked about Lebron & DWade mocking Dirk said that “Dirk had asked us not to address the situation.”  The Mavericks handled this series like veterans should and the Heat, well they showed their immaturity by mocking a sick Dirk.

DeShawn and possibly Cuban, who owns HDNet, which is one of the prominent sponsors of the shirt, decided to rock this shirt at today’s return to Dallas with the trophy.  Priceless.  How’s my Dirk taste Lebron.  Gotta respect the balls of DeShawn wearing this shirt.

Two of my new favorite NBA players coming through with huge postseasons in Rashard Lewis and DeShawn.




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13 06 2011
Stephen Hall


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