Let The Phillies Trade Rumors Begin!`

13 06 2011
There ya go, the first of many rumors to start circulating around as we approach the midway mark of the season.  Coming from Buster Olney there is definitely some merit to this one, but until Blanton is back healthy in the 5th spot, I’m just not sure who they would move.  God bless anyone who would take Kyle Kendrick off our hands, but something tells me the Phillies won’t be that lucky.  There are no real offensive trade-able players on the team, unless Ed Wade wants Raul and his expiring 12 million dollar contract, but even Raul has come around as of late, to only get into a funk around playoff time again I’m sure.
Last week the Arizona Republic had rumors of the Phillies being interested in Cubs reliever Kerry Woods, um, the Phillies bullpen is fucking stacked right now. 
To be honest, Josh Willingham doesn’t really excite me in the least.  Cuddyer is the more attractive of the two players, but if the Phillies are going to bring in a right-handed bat, it will definitely be more of the Cuddyer/Willingham level than that of the Hunter Pence rumors that have been floating out there as well.  I’m not even necessarily in the school of they HAVE to get someone else, this team is more than good enough to win another World Series, it’s just whether or not the bats disappear in late September again.  Chase Utley appears to be getting close to his old self and it’s really made the nightly lineup cards much sexier.  If they don’t end up pulling the trigger on a deal I certainly won’t be devastated.  First team in the majors to 40 wins and the team still thinks they need to improve. 
By the way, for all you Ryan Howard haters out there, he had his league leading 19th & 20th go-ahead RBI’s yesterday.  Just throwing that nugget out there haters.



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