Shady McCoy Talking Twitter Trash

17 06 2011
“Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly”-LeSean “Shady” McCoy
Boom. Roasted.
Shady is speaking the truth actually, nothing he said is really that outrageous, just dropping bombs all over Twitter.  LeSean recently took to Twitter when news broke that Giants DE Usi Umenyiora made news for getting into a “legal” situation with the New York Giants.  Umenyiora claims the Giants failed to either re-work the players deal  or release him.  Usi claims he had an agreement with the team to restructure and the team has not lived up to their deal.  
LeSean felt this was all he needed to take a little jab at the player that had 11.5 sacks and 10 forced fumbles last season.  Pretty damn good numbers for the third best player on the d-line.  He makes reference of course to the two other d-linemen in Justin Tuck & I’m assuming Jason Pierre-Paul (who is in no way better than Usi).  Maybe a bit of an exaggeration on Shady’s part, but none the less I love the taking a shot at a division opponent aspect.  Best of all this isn’t two guys on different sides of the ball talking smack, that would never actually line up against one another, this is RB vs. DE, these two are bound to meet at least twice next season…on every play.  Almost makes you wonder if there is some deep rooted previous problem McCoy had with Usi.  Let’s just hope football is played next year so we can see these two match-up.
UPDATE: ProFootballTalkThis slow lockout summer Friday needed a little something meaningless to write about. Thankfully, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora are here to help. Let’s start at the beginning, all the way back on Thursday. When a report surfaced that Umenyiora was unhappy with the Giants about “broken promises” related to his contract, McCoy chimed in on Twitter that Osi was “overrated n soft.” He called Umenyiora the third best defensive lineman on his team. Umenyiora responded Friday through Mark Viera of the New York Times, calling McCoy a “Chihuahua” and “Lady GaGa.” “She can say whatever he wants about it,” Umeyiora says. Yes, apparently the entire Giants defense calls McCoy “Lady Gaga.” Delightful. Giants fans attending this season’s Giants-Eagles game can take it from here.



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