Jaromir Jagr Is A Flyer…WTF?

1 07 2011

38 year old Jaromir Jagr (who has spent the last 3 seasons playing in Russia) has signed a 1 year 3.3 million dollar deal to play for the Flyers next season. Wow.

Smooth as Jagr Peanut Butter

This man played in the 1992 NHL All-Star game, his first trip to Philadelphia he played in the Corestates Center (what’s Corestates?) and has not played in the NHL for 3 years.  This is the definition of a somewhat low-risk, high reward situation.  3.3 million is more than what I would have thought for a player of his age, but this is also an all-time NHL great.  Jagr is 12th on the all-time scoring list of the league, the man is fancy and can work some pure magic with the puck.  Where Jagr will help the most is hands down the power play.  A power play that was fairly hit or miss last season will gain some sexiness with Jagr and his hair flow out there.  Pronger to Jagr? Sounds right to me, if this was 1998.

Coach Peter Laviolette really stresses a North South philosophy of playing the game and never in the history of the league has there been a more East West stlye player as Jagr. That relationship should prove interesting. Another thing this signing means is that Ville Leino will most likely NOT be wearing the orange and black next season.

Look for the Flyers to still deal a couple players to free up more space and get one more player, perhaps a Michael Handzus.  Players to be moved….most likely Sergei Bobrovsky and Chris Versteeg.  This can pretty much put the Steven Stamkos rumors to rest.  The Flyers have been on the top line of TSN stories for 2 weeks now and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  Time will tell. Let’s hope we get more from Jagr than we did from Adam Oates, Peter Forsberg, Paul Coffey all of whom crapped their expensive trousers while playing in Philly.

Max Talbot just signed a 5 years 9 million dollar deal with the Flyers.  This is too much.

Want to see Jagr’s highlights of late?




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