Kobe Sued By A Prostitute

2 07 2011

Yep.  That really just happened.  Chances are (after reading, you’ll agree) this case has absolutely no validity to it whatsoever, but hell it’s entertaining, not so much to Kobe but to you and me.  Prostitute Selena Miller filed a lawsuit last week claiming that Kobe Bryant breached a marital agreement he had with the lady of the night.

“He likes playing games with women more than people know,” said Miller. “I’m upset because he promised me a ring [during one visit], and then some other people influenced him, and I didn’t get it. He thinks he can stop by my house any time he wants to. There are other women, too. One of them got a ring.” -the words of a hooker

A judge is going to get his hands on this and probably shit his robe from laughter.  This country has always had it’s fair share of outrageous lawsuits but this one is up there.  Miller is a prostitute based out of Ohio and claims that she has a signed contract from Mr. Bryant claiming that he would eventually give her a ring, a promise to marry her.  Ms. Miller claimed that the two had intercourse several times over the course of their relationship, no idea if money exchanged hands here, but based on her lawsuit, probably not.

Good luck you crazy psycho hose beast.  Something tells me you won’t be seeing a cent.

Find the story here…..Deadspin




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