LeBron Dunks On Kids Now

2 07 2011

Lebron, did you make yourself feel like a big man again? Couldn’t take it to the hole versus Tyson Chandler in the NBA Finals, but you sure as shit can dunk over an 8 year old at camp. Big man Lebron.

Boy did he disappear during the Finals, but way to show up in a round of knock out with a bunch of middle schoolers.  I blame this little kid mostly, I mean clearly Lebron isn’t that hard to mind fuck.  Hey kid, you see Lebron’s mom over on the sidelines? Go fuck her real quick, if she’ll bang Delonte West, then she’ll definitely bang an 8 year old.  Not into older chicks? See Lebron’s girlfriend over there? She banged Rashard Lewis in Lebron’s house and bed while he was on the road in Dallas.  She’ll DEFINITELY bang you.  After you get one of these two under your belt, you will officially mind-fuck Lebron and you will win that round of knock out in no time.  Man up kid, if Rashard and Delonte can do it, you sure as shit can.





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