Plaxico Is A Stage Five Clinger

8 07 2011

Dude is giving straight oral love to the city of Philly.  Wants to be here so bad, as bad as Andy Dufresne wanted to find that tree Red told him about.  Would Plax even be happy at this point if he signed elsewhere? I don’t think so.  He wants to be here in Philly with the street cred team of the Eagles.  He wants to ball out with Vick and Desean so bad it hurts.

Personally I still think the Eagles need to address defense before they bring in big Plax, but for the value and incentive based contract you could get him for, this is a move they should make.

Plaxico recently stated that the reason he wears a Phillies hat so often is that because Jimmy Rollins is his favorite baseball player.  Yeah, sure thing bro.  You want our nuts and we want your bullet wounded leg here.  Let’s make this happen.




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