This Planking Shit Needs To End….Yesterday

9 07 2011

Gilbert Arenas planking in a car-wash

I can’t be the only one out there that thinks this “planking” storm that has swept the country is absolutely 100% fucking retarded right? Like I just don’t get it.  Is it funny? Does it get you laid? I really could never see myself ever in a million fucking years ever having the urge to plank something.  If I saw someone planking in public, I would kick them so fast in the junk it would make your head spin.

I’m not trying to be funny either, I seriously just don’t get it, and I know I can’t possibly be alone.  It started with Joe Averages out there everywhere and now every time I sign onto Twitter I see these athletes planking left and right.  Especially Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard.  I’ll say it for everyone, please stop.


Oh, I get it now! You lay on stuff and takes pictures! Hiiiillllllarious! I can’t even type anymore cause I’m laughing so much? I’m Ron Burghundy?

Dwight Howard apparently loves planking……




2 responses

15 07 2011

6 day old article and I’m the first to comment.

You’re a clown, bro. Go find a guy and occupy yourself.

15 07 2011

youre entirely right, comments are the end all be all of a blog post. im devastated. youre the man. one day i wish to tough talk people on blogs.

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