Can’t Wait To Get The Mail Today

13 07 2011

Chooch finally getting the recognition he deserves.  Gary Smith, perhaps the best sports writer there is, released his second story of a four part series on the Phillies this season. The focus of this particular story is Carlos Ruiz and the job he’s done with this pitching staff.  The first part of of this four part series focused on the pitchers and now we get to learn about the other side of the plate.  One of the stories following the Chooch one will focus on the Phillies fans and how they’ve transformed over the years.

It’s nice to see Ruiz get some love on the national level.  There will be many tidbits in the article that people would not have known otherwise.  Gary’s expertise in his story telling in getting deeper than most other “sports” authors and was able to get stories from Carlos that most other reporter wouldn’t be able to fish out.  Stories that myself had never heard and I’ve been covering Philly sports on a daily basis for four plus years.  Read this story…..Sports Illustrated.




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