13 07 2011

L ook

A t

T his

F ucking

A sshole

Keith Carmickle is this assholes name.  No less than a week after the absolute tragedy that took place at Rangers stadium with the death of Shannon Stone, another fan, this Carmickle J.O. nearly plummeted 20 feet in an attempt to catch a Prince Fielder HR….during the HR Derby! HEY NEWS FLASH DICKHEAD…..YOU CAN GO BUY ONE OF THESE BALLS FOR NINE BUCKS.  Didn’t the tragedy of Shannon Stone teach you anything?

I mean when I saw him nearly fall over, I thought to myself man, people gotta chill.  Then I saw the picture of this asshole surfing on the counter trying to catch a ball.  Worst part yet, he had already previously caught three balls, he said he wanted to go for the cycle.  Fuck you.  Their baseballs bro. An accident that literally just happened showed us all something that a family should never have to endure, especially the son that watched his father fall, and you do this? You’re lucky your brother was there to save your ass, but seriously get fucked.




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