German Moses & The Beard Just Crushing The ESPY’s

14 07 2011

Look at the big man there, just getting ready to crush it. Erin Andrews is just putty in his hands. Not sure who Erin’s friend is there but I’m sure Dirk didn’t let her sit on the sidelines and watch.  Now Erin can tell Deshawn Stevenson how the Dirk tastes? Zing!

I usually never watch the ESPY’s and once again I didn’t, but I’ve heard that Seth Myers did a swell ol’ job. First we got Dirk in an Erin Andrews swingers threesome party out in and LA and then there’s this…..

Giants closer, “The Beard” Brian Wilson just freaking people out on the red carpet. Children were running in fear and women were confusingly turned on. I enjoy Wilson’s shtick very much and if he hadn’t crapped on my heart last postseason would probably like him a lot more.




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