Ryan Howard Was Almost An All Star & Bruce Bochy Slobs His Players Knobs

15 07 2011

Wednesday night a new show, The Franchise: A Season with the San Francisco Giants premiered and during the episode a lot focused on the manager Bruce Bochy deciding who would make the All-Star roster.  One surprise move Bochy really wanted was his relief pitcher Sergio Romo to make the squad, who may not have been as deserving as some other pitchers having career years. Another name caught my eye during this screen shot from the show….Ryan Howard.

While this shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone that Howard was considered, in fact he was considered an All-Star snub by a lot of experts, especially for leading the league in RBI’s at the time.  He originally had Howard on the list of players that would be eligible for the fan vote, a list which Howard was eventually left off of and teammate Shane Victorino eventually won.

Bochy was playing favoritism in a blatantly obvious way, he came under heat for pitching none of his pitchers in the game when one in particular he should have gotten in the game; Ryan Vogelsong, a career journey man who made his first All-Star game at the age of 32.  The dude deserved the recognition of pitching at least one inning in the game, he even said himself that it was about as big of a dream as he could’ve imagined.

There were several pitchers that had legit cases of being snubs from the team, one of which was NOT Sergio Romo.  Such pitchers as Jordan Zimmerman, Tommy Hanson (biggest snub of all, look at his #’s), Daniel Hudson and Milwaukee reliever John Axford had legit gripes with being left off the team.  But let’s be serious here Bochy, Sergio Romo? He’s having a nice year, but he did not deserve it more than any of the above listed.  We always knew that managers would favor their guys, but this was taking it to the next level.  Get serious Bruce.

Brian Wilson alone is worth watching this show. Other than him I’d probably hate this show.




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