Lil Bautista Vs. Lil Ron Washington

16 07 2011

Last night, on a night when Jose Bautista sat out due to injury, this lil impersonator that the Blue Jays organization has come to know as Lil’ Bautista was able to throw out the first pitch which must have been a highlight in his life.

This guy’s immitation of the Blue Jays slugger is spot on, but it begs the question…who’s is better? Lil’ Bautista or Lil’ Ron Washington? Remember Lil’ Ron Washington from the Texas Rangers postseason run last year? Yeah he was awesome as well.

Who’s better? Lil Ron or Lil Jose?

Personally I think Lil’ Ron gets the nod because he’s simply more dedicated.  Yeah that drawn on beard of Lil Bautista is nice and all, but it easily washes off at the end of the day, Lil’ Ron on the other hand shaved his head, he dedicated his life to making Ron Washington in little form authentic.




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