Roy Halladay Is Human

19 07 2011

It took about a year and a half of pitching in a Phillies uniform for Phillies fans to determine that he is in fact human.   I know, I was as shocked as everyone else that Halladay is not a robot. Halladay left last night’s game in the 5th inning after allowing 3 earned runs, due to heat exhaustion.

Halladay struggling last night.

At points in the night Halladay said he was even having a hard time seeing Chooch’s signs behind the plate.  That’s when you know your body is fighting a losing battle.  Looking back on it, Halladay even shook off Chooch once or twice which is something you rarely see.  In hindsight, Roy was probably having a tough time seeing those signs and not disagreeing with his catcher.  Halladay showed signs of wear early in the game, especially in the third inning where he seemed to get into deep counts with nearly every batter he faced.  Whereas his opposing pitcher, Rodrigo Lopez was able to have many pitcher friendly at bats, mostly due to the Phillies impatience.

A tip of the hat and veteran baseball move of the day goes to Phillies second basemen Chase Utley.  Utley has always been praised for high baseball intelligence and last night you saw that intelligence in full force.  Me believes it was the fourth inning when Utley noticed Halladay really laboring on the mound when he asked the second base umpire for a timeout. Why you ask? To tighten his all of a sudden mysteriously loose laces on his cleats.  Of course, that’s it. His shoes got loose around the same time as Halladay’s heat difficulties began. Utley I would imagine is about as great a teammate as a guy could have and that proved why.  Well done sir.

Halladay spent the majority of his career pitching in a temperature controlled environment in Toronto and has pitched over 200 games in his career under ninety degrees.  Although he has only pitched ten career games in heat over ninety degrees.  The heat it appears is Halladay’s only weakness.  We knew all along he had to have one, and it turns out we found it.  I always thought it was like puppy dogs or rainbows or something, not the heat.  Check out Halladay’s heat vs non heat career numbers….

Of course there is the All-Star theory out there, brought to you by Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee…..

“He’s probably the last guy you’d expect something like this, but that’s what Mother Nature can do to you,” Dubee said. “It was awful hot. I’m not making excuses, but … guys that go to the All-Star Game — you’ve got to have the All-Star Game, I understand that — but guys that go to the All-Star Game, they come back a little drawn. It’s a busy three days. For that first week back, guys generally don’t respond too well. It’s just a hectic schedule. They fly out there, different time zones. You’ve got banquets. You’ve got whatever. And there’s a lot to it. This guy takes tremendous care of himself. He’s doing better now and that’s what we’re hoping for.” –

Normally I would disagree with him here, but after talking to Rick Burkholder, Philadelphia Eagles trainer, who says that flying absolutely drains your body’s fluids.  Halladay’s “break” for the All-Star game included flying from Philly to Arizona, Arizona to Philly and then traveling to NYC and then from NYC to Chicago.  All in a week’s time.  No doubt this most likely put some extra strain on Doc’s body and the man lost some of his bodily fluids and that combined with the heat was able to do what most teams can’t….beat him.



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