Is It Weird That Cullen Jenkins Has Me Most Excited?

3 08 2011

Yes, yes it is.  The Eagles have absolutely annihilated this free agency period, that has lasted all of seven days.  Perhaps my favorite move was the front office acknowleding the fact that Broderick Bunkley was an absolute ass puppet waste of a first round pick and signing a beast in the middle in Cullen Jenkins was perhaps their best move.

The dude is a beast, the type of beast the Eagles have needed for several seasons now that 1st round picks Broderick Bunkley and Mike Patterson have under performed. Patterson is decent against the run whereas he has a tough time naturally getting to the QB. Bunkley was a waste of space and money and I for one am glad to see him gone. Bring in a prototypical DT that can blow off peoples blocks and actually force pressure on the QB.  Thank you for coming to town Cullen.

He’s someone, with the addition of Jason Babin and Trent Cole that opposing QB’s are finally going to have to start thinking about.  Last year, you doubled teamed Trent Cole and you pretty much had the Eagles pass rush figured out.  This year there is three legit threats offensive lines have to worry about….and Trent Cole needs to prove he can do it late in the season.

Finally then one of the deepest secondaries in the league now.  Finally the Eagles think they have a pass rush on their hands and with this secondary to back it up? Should be pie. Although Asante appears to be unhappy and the Eagles are fielding offers for the cornerback.  Either way with DRC and Nnamdi they’re still is much better shape than they were last year, a flaw that was exploited constantly.  Defensive tackle was one of the positions that was an absolute necessity; that they filled with the best player on the market. Unless they can trade Samuel for a proven veteran LB don’t expect the Eagles to bring in any other LB’s, the Eagles may feel as though the strength of a pass rush combined with that secondary in a passing league is enough to cover up the LB’ing corps.

Oh yeah, they signed RB Ronnie Brown and OT Ryan Harris today as well. Ho hum, just filling holes everywhere.




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