Uncle Cholly

4 08 2011

Sir Whiskey Pickle, a contributor to the site returns with a whiskey infused idea….these are his words.

As a fan, when you purchase a sports jersey these days, there’s a lot that goes into deciding who’s jersey you’re going to wear. Obviously, you want to wear the jersey of your favorite player, but if you’re dedicated to spending $200+ of your hard earned cash on some hometown branded schwag, you want it to matter. You want it to say something about you as a fan. Retro jerseys are awesome. Why? Because they are timeless. If you see a Schmidt, Cunningham, Barkley or Hextall jersey, you know they mean something to the fan wearing it.
(sidenote-  much respect to anyone still rocking a Von Hayes Jersey)
[sub-sidenote-  to anyone posessing a Gary Gates jersey, please send a photo of your Wings awesomeness for recognition in your own post]
{super-sub-sidenote- any player tee-shirt will suffice to indicate your loyalty to any other “professional” philly sports team}
Often, the obvious player is too easy a choice. How many Halladay or Vick jerseys do you see these days? Much respect to both of their contributions to the team, but variety is the spice of life! Everyone wants a relevant, yet timeless jersey. Most of those McNabb jersey are in the deep recesses of the bottom drawer and while its fun to see a Burrell or Lindross jersey surface every now and then, you gotta be real in your choice of player love.
I propose another option. Charlie Manuel.
Fact #1: Charlie will drag you into his office for not running out a first to third even if you just hit the game winning home run in extra innings on the road.
Fact #2: Charlie could be the recipient of interracial, underage felacio in the center of Rittenhouse Square at noon on a Sunday and still receive an standing ovation.
Fact #3: Charlie Manuel Jerseys should be purchased and worn with pride with as much enthusiasm as any of the high priced stars on any team regardless of sport.
Think about it people. Any Reid IS the Eagles but even if NFL coaches wore jerseys, no one would ever fit into an XXXL Eagles sweater. I’d love to see a Collins Sixers jersey, but really…I’d rather wear a Mark Cuban jersey than anyone roaming the sidelines of a basketball court.
But in baseball, we are blessed with a sport where even Jack McKeon gets a discount on buying his own jersey when showing his AARP card. When the years pass and you’re telling the stories of today’s team to your kids, the only one you know who will never, ever test positive for Steroids, HGH, overactive training syndrome or any of that other horse garbage is the fat old bastard that has taught our Phils how to play tream ball.
The players make the plays but the manager, THIS MANAGER, is a cult hero. Have you ever seen a Yankees Fan wear a Torre Jersey? Who gives a shit about Terry Francona? Tony LaRussa’s own players don’t even like him!
I remember the days when you’d open a pack of baseball cards and ask your friends why the hell they’d even bother making the card of a manager. They generally don’t matter. Charlie matters. He’s a living legend. He’s the man. He’s a Phillie.
We Give a Fuck, Chuck!



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