A.J. Burnett…What The? Cliff Lee….Pay The Man His Money

10 08 2011

Ice Cream?

Perfect photo to sum up A.J. Burnett’s career as a Yankee….a fucking embarrassment.  Mariano Rivera isn’t the closer of old (he blew a save to Bobby Abreu last night & 5 blown saves on the year). Alex Rodriguez is banging dudes (see Cameron Diaz’s dick) and playing in cocaine fueled high stakes Hollywood poker games where guns are involved.  Yeah, these aren’t the Yankees of old.  The Red Sox are close to running away with the division and the Yankees are going to be in a battle for the wild card….awesome.

Oh the irony of having a shared Cliff Lee-Yankees post.

Cliff Lee last night was the quintessential Cliff Lee. Eight shutout innings, striking out 10 and hitting a crucial HR to seal the victory, the man does it all.  Another thing Lee does well is making bets with teammates.  Cliff Lee apparently had a bet with teammate Kyle Kendrick about who would hit more HR’s this season (why the hell would Kyle Kendrick make this bet?).  Cliff’s 2nd HR of the year pretty much ended that bet last night, since Kendrick isn’t even starting anymore and doesn’t hit HR’s.  As Cliff entered the dugout he made a gesture towards the bullpen, it looked almost like a “make it rain” gesture (who knew Cliff had street cred?).  He was telling Kendrick….”pay me.” Roy Oswalt even picked up the phone to call the bullpen and rub it in Kendrick’s face, but bullpen Mick Billemeyer had to hang up on him to get the Madson/Bastardo duo warmed up.

“I thought of Kyle as soon as the ball went over the right field wall” – Cliff Lee

Pay me Kendrick.


Two Of The Greatest Football Photos Ever

5 08 2011

Pee Wee fucking Herman and the Cowboys.  Does life get any better? Sometimes things just get presented to you, and this I have a feeling is going to be a perfect photo to sum up the Cowboys season. Fucking Pee Wee Herman.

This next photo is brilliant.  Gisele Bunchden has ruined Tom Brady, everyone knows it. Even Tom. Ever since Gisele came around Tom hasn’t won a Superbowl, he wears chain wallets now, his hair is put in buns and questionable all the time and he dances like no one is watching at Carnivale.  Sick jersey though, might have to order one.

Who Ya Got? Punch Video Edition

23 07 2011

Track and Field fight? Yesssss!  Only slightly better than track guys fighting would be a cripple fight.

Or these crazy ass Tour de France fans, running alongside the riders and subsequently getting punched.

74 year old Buzz Aldrin punches out a NASA conspiracy theorist.  Epic.

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

13 07 2011

What, Dwayne Wade doesn’t make enough money from his contract and endorsements? He really needs to whore himself out like this? I thought he was better than this.  I used to love your game.  Now you’re making it hard for me to like you, I know you’re devastated DWade, but I have to move on.

You welcomed the Black Avatar and Bron Bron into your city last year and well, now, those ass-clowns have infected you.  You’re sooooo fucking styling bro.  Sweet scarf. Last I checked were in the middle of a fucking heat wave, and you live in Florida. Hate, hate, hate.


13 07 2011

L ook

A t

T his

F ucking

A sshole

Keith Carmickle is this assholes name.  No less than a week after the absolute tragedy that took place at Rangers stadium with the death of Shannon Stone, another fan, this Carmickle J.O. nearly plummeted 20 feet in an attempt to catch a Prince Fielder HR….during the HR Derby! HEY NEWS FLASH DICKHEAD…..YOU CAN GO BUY ONE OF THESE BALLS FOR NINE BUCKS.  Didn’t the tragedy of Shannon Stone teach you anything?

I mean when I saw him nearly fall over, I thought to myself man, people gotta chill.  Then I saw the picture of this asshole surfing on the counter trying to catch a ball.  Worst part yet, he had already previously caught three balls, he said he wanted to go for the cycle.  Fuck you.  Their baseballs bro. An accident that literally just happened showed us all something that a family should never have to endure, especially the son that watched his father fall, and you do this? You’re lucky your brother was there to save your ass, but seriously get fucked.