Is It Weird That Cullen Jenkins Has Me Most Excited?

3 08 2011

Yes, yes it is.  The Eagles have absolutely annihilated this free agency period, that has lasted all of seven days.  Perhaps my favorite move was the front office acknowleding the fact that Broderick Bunkley was an absolute ass puppet waste of a first round pick and signing a beast in the middle in Cullen Jenkins was perhaps their best move.

The dude is a beast, the type of beast the Eagles have needed for several seasons now that 1st round picks Broderick Bunkley and Mike Patterson have under performed. Patterson is decent against the run whereas he has a tough time naturally getting to the QB. Bunkley was a waste of space and money and I for one am glad to see him gone. Bring in a prototypical DT that can blow off peoples blocks and actually force pressure on the QB.  Thank you for coming to town Cullen.

He’s someone, with the addition of Jason Babin and Trent Cole that opposing QB’s are finally going to have to start thinking about.  Last year, you doubled teamed Trent Cole and you pretty much had the Eagles pass rush figured out.  This year there is three legit threats offensive lines have to worry about….and Trent Cole needs to prove he can do it late in the season.

Finally then one of the deepest secondaries in the league now.  Finally the Eagles think they have a pass rush on their hands and with this secondary to back it up? Should be pie. Although Asante appears to be unhappy and the Eagles are fielding offers for the cornerback.  Either way with DRC and Nnamdi they’re still is much better shape than they were last year, a flaw that was exploited constantly.  Defensive tackle was one of the positions that was an absolute necessity; that they filled with the best player on the market. Unless they can trade Samuel for a proven veteran LB don’t expect the Eagles to bring in any other LB’s, the Eagles may feel as though the strength of a pass rush combined with that secondary in a passing league is enough to cover up the LB’ing corps.

Oh yeah, they signed RB Ronnie Brown and OT Ryan Harris today as well. Ho hum, just filling holes everywhere.



2 08 2011


Today Actually Happened

30 07 2011

What happens when professional sports start imitating fantasy sports? You’d be a Philadelphia sports fan. Life imitating art, beautiful.

I always thought Asomugha was black.

Aside from championship days in this town, today was hands down one of the most historic to happen in our sports world.  The Eagles came out of nowhere to sign the hands down best free agent on the market in Nnamdi Asomugha and then to complete the day our other GM assasin Reuben Amaro pulled Hunter Pence out of his ass without giving up either Domonic Brown or Vance Worley.  I had a tough time writing that previous sentence because it doesn’t seem real. You know?

Asomugha not only came here, but came here for what seems to be less money.  Nnamdi will get a 5 year deal worth 60 million with 25 million guaranteed.  That’s only one million more guaranteed than what the Jets signed Santonio Holmes for. “Experts” were predicting that Asomugha would get in the 18 million a year range, but he appears to have taken less to play in Eagles green. Not only that, NY lost out on another prized free agent……that ended up in PHILADELPHIA. Are you kidding me? I don’t think I can ever talk shit on Howie Roseman…EVER (Joe Banner jabs are just fun ya know?) THEN…..

Hunter Pence came to the Phillies from Houston for a package of Jarred Cosart, Johnathan Singleton, Josh Zeid and a player to be named later.  Oh yeah, the Astros are also giving the Phillies 1 million dollars….no seriously. That 1 million will allow the Phillies to stay under the luxury tax. Yes, that just happened. “Big Move” Reub has done it again and did it without giving up any current players.  The best team in baseball just got a lot, lot better. July 29th is just a day when Phillies get shit done, the past three July 29th’s have brought us Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence.  As someone who grew up loving the Phillies in the 90’s, this shit blows my mind.  We already have a historic team and the best record but we weren’t satisfied.  Reuben sees a three-year championship window in front of him and he’s doing whatever is possible to GUARANTEE that we win. I love him.

Today, well today was a great day. That is all, nothing else you’ll read here you won’t elsewhere. 

Carmelo Getting All Gangsta With A Panda

29 07 2011

Let’s see how tough you look with a fucking silver-back gorilla on your lap? Pandas are all cute and cuddly, haven’t you seen the new DirecTV commercials? The “whale” uses one for his chair, stop trying to look tough with one of the cutest animals on the planet you assbag. Come to think of it, you’ll fit right in New York, your type of people.

Case and point….

Is This Real Life?

28 07 2011

This can’t be real, I know it’s real, it’s just that it’s so hard to believe that it’s actually happening.  Like, there’s absolutely ZERO chance that man is that kid’s father, nor do I believe he simply just baby-sitting.  Pretty freaky footage and the ESPN crew just sat there and watched it happen. They were in Houston interviewing a skateboarder for the upcoming X-Games and apparently will not win Citizens of the Year awards in Texas.

Chooch Is Enjoying This Comeback

23 07 2011

This man just loves beisbol.


I Never Knew Kevin Durant Was A Tattoo Guy

23 07 2011

Dude just straight skipped tatting up his arms and keeps it all concealed under his jersey. Coincidence? Not a chance, something tells me the religious Durant keeps them concealed for image purposes. He can’t possibly like the Nationals, more just stole their logo to rep his hometown. KD enjoys his ink, only posting this cause it was a bit surprising. #nohomoforshirtlessKDpic